Sunday, July 4, 2010

here we go...

Quick post before my first day of my stage at Plaza Athénée tomorrow. Monday and Tuesday are all orientation, so I don't have to be in until 9am, and will hopefully get out with some time to profite from the soldes (major sales.... 50-70% off) happening this month.

The HR woman during my interview recommended that I wear a suit, skirt or pants, for the two days of orientation... that meant that I had to go out and buy one. Fortunately, you can find them everywhere. Unfortunately though, my extra long arms and broad shoulders made finding a jacket that fit me difficult. I ended up going to 5 different branches of the same store, only to find that none of them carried the jacket that had fit me so well the weekend before (and didn't buy). Apparently it was "last season" (February) and out of style now. I bought another style anyway and will have to make do for these next couple of days.

I'm nervous yet I'm more filled with anticipation for the start of this next phase in my life. What's it going to be like? Am I really going to hate it? Are they going to be nice to me? Will they repeat anything if I don't understand it the first time? What if my bus goes on strike and I'm late? Will the first week, or even month, just totally suck? Will I stay with it the whole 6 months? Am I going to be friends with the other stagiaires? Will I do more than just wash dishes? How long is our lunch break? Will I even have a lunch break? I wonder how many stagiaires the pastry lab has? Will I miss seeing my friends everyday (answer: yes)? What if they yell at me everyday? I hope I don't cry or stress out. So many questions running through my head, yet only time will give me the answers. I just have to remember, it's all how I make of it. If they make me wash dishes for an unreasonable amount of time, I'll make myself be the best dishwasher they've ever seen. I'll learn to develop a thick skin, and my French better have improved by the time I leave.

Just take deep breaths, and I'll be fine. I mean, I came here to do this.


  1. You'll be the best stagiare the Plaza Athénée has ever seen :-)

  2. you'll be fine...keep positive, don't even let the possibility of "hating it" or it being absolutely terrible even come into your vocab...You are going in with a solid foundation from Ferrandi, and even more solid training from US!