Friday, December 17, 2010

Les Galerie des Gobelins - Salon de Thé

I wish I was able to take more photos at work, and I think I'm allowed to, however, with all the hustle and bustle going on, I dare not. I mean, sure, I can go into the walk-in fridge and snap some shots, but everyone knows the lighting just isn't good and if someone comes in, it just kind of looks strange... if you know what I mean.

Anyway, everyday, one of us from the pâtisserie centrale has to prepare the chariot for tea time in the Galerie des Gobelins around 15h. Sometimes I'm given this task, and that's fine, however, the time to add the finishing touches to the desserts can be a disruption to the rest of my work. I hate being rushed, especially when it comes to presentation. Fortunately, one particular day when I had time to breathe, I remembered to get my camera and take advantage of this opportunity. Here is the selection of desserts for the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection:

Restaurant - La Galerie des Gobelins - Plaza Athénée
Les Galeries des Gobelins (photo courtesy of

the chariot for the Salon de Thé aux Galerie des Gobelins

in the background, there's the traditional millefeuille, while in the foreground, we have a tarte passion-framboise (biscuit, raspberry jam, and passionfruit/banana cream, all layered on a thin sablé crust)

Zuccotto: a biscuit with layers of caramel and café mousse on top. One of the best, I think.

Poire d'érable: maple syrup bavaroise with a pear purée filling, atop a pear-filled financier

Red Power: Soho litchi chantilly with a strawberry bavaroise/strawberry jam insert, resting on a strawberry filled financier

Mont Blanc: a ball of chestnut bavaroise filled with a mini baba au rhum, coated with vanilla whipped cream and dotted with meringues

Religieuse au caramel salé: pâte à choux filled with salted caramel pastry cream

selection of cakes: lemon, marble, and fruit... with "American" chocolate chip cookies on the right.


  1. These are just awesomely BEAUTIFUL!!
    I HAVE to get here next trip
    big merci