Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First day in the kitchen!

hello! I can't believe I'm actually here and doing this. I came to Paris in the middle of November and took French language classes at L’Alliance Française to refresh my high school French... partly to get back into speaking the language, and yet mostly to prepare myself for my stage (internship) after my 5-month program at Ferrandi. After staying with an awesome host mom, I moved into my new studio Feb. 1. That week I was free to settle in and get my affairs in order/explore my new arrondissement.

Monday (Feb. 8) was my first day at Ferrandi! All of us Anglo students (cuisine and pastry) met together for a welcome introduction (coffee, jus, and croissants included) before we broke off into our respective groups. The pastry students left to take the metro and get fitted for our uniforms - white jacket (with our names embroidered), black & white checkered pants, white awkward clonky kitchen shoes, white aprons, and a hat, i.e. mesh shower cap with a small brim. yes! More orientation that afternoon and the next day as well. We got our tool kits and a tour of the so-called "simple" layout of the campus. Despite it's square layout, I still get confused with the multiple ways to the locker room...

Today was our first day in the kitchen! We met at 8am in the labo and made pâte à foncer (shortcrust pastry) for our tarte aux pommes (apple tart)! It was actually really exciting getting my hands dirty and doing real stuff. Unfortunately in my excitement to get changed and up to the labo on time, I forgot to grab my camera... maybe tomorrow.

We're divided into 2 groups, and tomorrow my group doesn't start until 11am... I get to sleep in! Well, that means I'll finish closer to 7pm... at least we'll switch schedules every week, so I'll have some sort of a free afternoon some days.

Still can't believe I've started Ferrandi and am here... can't stop smiling!

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  1. Have read through all your blogs so far and signed up to follow them. Sounds absolutely fantastic...Can I come for wine and dessert when you get home? Jean