Friday, February 12, 2010

Tarte aux Pommes for Dinner??

So I just finished my first week of pastry school, and I love it! I love my classmates (who come from all over the world), my teachers, and the program. These first two weeks are dedicated to TARTS, and so on Thursday, we made a tarte aux pommes

and a flan parisien (day 1 and 2, side by side).

It's so fun working in a kitchen where everyone helps each other out and works together. I think we'll all get to know each other very well by the end of these 5 months :). Yesterday, Chef demonstrated how to do both tarts, including how to foncer (line) the dough into the tart round. Today, we made both tarts again, however, there was no demonstration beforehand... but we all succeeded! If some of us weren't quite done, the others would help measure ingredients for the next recipe or help take finished tarts out of the oven.

view from the mirror above!

Hours can get long, as we didn't get out of labo until 7:30pm last night, but it's all expected, right? I didn't get home until about 8:30pm... hence my choice for dinner last night. At least I know it was fresh and homemade?? Anyway, despite the long days, at least we can wind down in our locker room that's comfortably big enough for 5, not 20, girls... scratch what I said before - we'll get to know each other extremely well come summer!

On next week's menu, we'll have an hors-d'œuvre of French Language class, followed by some catering and drawing classes. The main course will be the special of the week: boulangerie class (!), and we'll finish with pâtisserie class as dessert.

Happy weekend!

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