Sunday, May 9, 2010

you scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!


What a way to cool down and get back into the scoop of things after spring break. Sorry to have delayed this post, but things were quite hectic once school picked back up. That first Monday, I think we were all in need of another vacation or something --- I don't think I was the only one who felt out of practice and rhythm.... ugh.

we made colored stripes and covered it with joconde batter to get a striped joconde (see below)

not as hard as it looks!

In teams of two, we made different ice cream entremets, mine being the Roussillon:

After making a double raspberry and pistachio layer (pictured above), we surrounded it with apricot sorbet (below).

Roussillon = apricot, pistachio, and raspberry (and my favorite!)

My classmates' entremets:

Passoa = blackcurrant, nougat, and passionfruit

William = vanilla bean, salted caramel, and pear

Fraise & Menthe = mint, strawberry, and lemon

Bourgogne = raspberry, blackcurrant, and blackberry

Below are a few other delicious cool desserts just in time for summer:

THE ultimate meringue dessert: meringue base, meringue fingers, meringue between the fingers, filled with two different ice cream flavors, and topped with whipped cream.

Vacherin = meringue, ice cream/sorbet (chocolate and pistachio), and whipped cream

Citron givré = lemons filled with lemon sorbet (and made from the lemon pulp that was inside the lemon)

Ananas givré = same deal as the lemons, but with pineapple instead... and a layer of raspberry sorbet on top! The pineapple sorbet just might've been my favorite...

Les ananas, oranges et citrons givrés

Soufflé glacé = ice cream soufflé with a caramel topping
Glace au caramel au beurre salé = basically a block of salted butter caramel ice cream with chocolate decorations and whipped cream

Dôme glacé au pistache (don't remember the exact name) = pistachio dome filled with nougat ice cream

Macarons glacés = macarons filled with sorbet (passion fruit, pistachio, and vanilla)

Plombier = nougat ice cream molded into a rectangular mold

Nougatine = hot hot caramel with almonds, which we painstakingly molded into this (blisters included)...

and decorated to get this:

Marmitte glacé = nougatine shell filled with ice cream balls

It was definitely a cool week (haha no pun intended)! We had a buffet displaying all we had made over the course of the week and then dug into it all, just before lunch... well, at least I got my fill of dessert in for the whole week (and then some)!

~Happy Mother's Day~

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