Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paris' local one-stop shop

Paris has quite a few marchés ... well, quite a few in each arrondissement (and there are 20 arrondissements in Paris). Most of them are open twice a week, some all week long, and others just one exceptional day to show off their fresh produce and goods. Luckily the one near me happens to be open on one of my days off. Like any "farmer's market," they have the typical fresh fruits/veggies/meat/seafood/prepared food.

colorful peppers liven up the spread

romaine, red leaf, green leaf, mesclun, roquette, baby greens, spinach, you name it.

custom-made trail mix with dried fruits and mixed nuts, anyone?

I think the sign describes exactly what they're selling.

the peppers aren't the only things brightening up the place!


you can either get some fresh fish for your dinner that night...

... or some freshly ground meat.

or even some pig ears, feet, or snouts.

And for those of you leading hectic lives that leave little time to prep dinner, you can also get food all ready to put on the table!

all-you-can-order buffet... pay as you go

fresh pastas

don't forget the dessert!

And remember, since this is a one-stop shop, we can't forget the other goods.

if all the food shopping wears a hole in your sock, get a new pair tout de suite!

40€ for a pair of Converse?? What a steal!

Ladies, you can never have enough lingerie...

nor bags or hats! Time to stock up :)

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  1. You are going to be so glad you started this blog/journal of your time in Paris...looking at it in the future will make this experience all the more wonderful. And I am so happy to be sharing in this too!!!