Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Nice as nice as it claims to be?

A few weeks ago I was able to get away from the autumn chill that has recently possessed Paris and head down south to Cap d'Ail (near Nice)! I stayed with family friends Karen and Jacques in their villa just on the rocky coast.

view from the train... yea we were right along the coast.

one of the many ports lining the Côte d'Azur

after Karen picked me up, we drove to her villa just above the water. Here's the view from the parking area, while waiting for the funiculaire... see that wooden elevator box on its way up?

when I have a villa one day, I'm totally going to have one of these to transport me up and down the hill.

as we strolled along the coast, I noticed this former "docking station," which has seen better days. Where are those steps on the left supposed to lead to?

good morning! view from my room.

and from the terrace.

obviously you can see the view from the bathroom, but that's not why I took the picture. Look at the window and how it opens... and the same window in the next picture...

not only can it be opened just a crack from the top (as seen above), but it also functions as a typical window/door! NOTE: the door leading out to the balcony was also of this design... totally cool.

the Hotel Negresco

old town of St. Paul de Vence

love it.

Maeght Foundation, with a courtyard of various sculptures... we went to visit the Giacometti exhibit.

and the backyard garden dotted with Miros

my new favorite breakfast. Tartines. Basically butter and jam on toast, this simple meal is upgraded when I have it at Karen and Jacques', be it in the mountains in Annecy or along the coast in Cap d'Ail.

and since we were so close to Monaco, why not visit the former palace of Princess Grace?

despite the exotic allure of this tiny country, I can only think of Hong Kong when I see all these high rise buildings covering the mountainside... not as magical as I had thought.

view of the port with France in the background

perhaps this is more like what I would've imagined for Monaco... cute bustling streets, unfortunately lined with tourist stalls

have no idea how many tunnels we drove through...

THE Casino at Monte-Carlo! 3 red Ferraris in front, among others.

we got to enter the Casino/Opera (same building) under the guise of buying some tickets...

taken just before I saw the sign forbidding photographs... hehe.

and of course the shopping mall there has to have these extravagant chandeliers... just had to document that.

And after those few days under the sun, I returned back to Paris:

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  1. Oh wow! That villa looks AMAZING! I loved the view from your room! <3 I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself!