Friday, October 29, 2010

Moulin Rouge!

So I know this blog is supposed to be about pastries and sweet stuff but just had to share this experience with you all...

yea, that's right. I went to the MOULIN ROUGE!

opening number - they weren't kidding when they mentioned the abundance of plumes for each costume!

watch the movie I sneakily took!

I think they tried to do acts representing cultures from around the world...

one of the mini "shows" between each act... a pool not only rose up from the ground but was filled with water and some snakes! And of course there's the naked one-woman-wonder about to jump in...

the pool's still rising, and you can see her trying to capture one of the snakes.

she's practically naked, why wouldn't she be a part of the show?

another clip of what happens at le Moulin Rouge!

oh la la!

racing season has begun... with mini ponies!

interesting one-legged "underweggings" (underwear + leggings)

what kind of show DOESN'T include a circus act?

and it wouldn't be complete without the traditional cancan!

grande finale - last picture before I was kindly reminded for the second time that photos weren't allowed... oops!

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