Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ling (not Linnea) in Monet's Garden

Monet's Garden. Water Lilies. Giverny. Bike rides. Picnics. Sunshine. Laughing with Friends.

That's what one day a few weekends ago was all about. A bunch of us took the 45-min. train ride to Vernon and rented bikes for the day (only 1
2€). We originally intended to enjoy our potluck picnic along the way to Giverny, however, after renting our bikes and realizing the difficulty of riding with bags filled with wine and food, we ended up picnicking on a bench on the side of the road...

this is what I wanted to do: picnic in the field...

but this is what we ended up doing: picnic on the sidewalk (photo taken from the bench on the side of the road)

After lightening up our load, we biked through town and toward Giverny, sharing the road with cars. It reminded me why I don't attempt to bike in a crowded city... a simple country road was scary enough! We eventually found the bike/pedestrian path which was so much better.

our view from the bike path

looks like a mini version of my future driveway

as usual, I was lagging behind... but that's because I was taking pictures, right?

there were quite a few of these to maneuver through...

Once we got to Giverny, we followed the crowds of tourists to Monet's Garden.

trying to decide where to go

on the bridge!

look what I found on the bridge biking across the river... a ladybug!

That was a fun day, full of everything mentioned above and more. The weather's finally shaping up and hope to do another day trip soon!!

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  1. this is absolutely beautiful! And you can go at the best time!!! We are definitely living vicariously through your adventures! This is wonderful!!!