Friday, June 11, 2010

review review review!!

This is sad. The past couple of weeks have been all review, with only a few new recipes thrown into the mix. It's all coming to a close!

Last week, in addition to practicing some feuilletage (puff pastry), we had dinner restaurant service and made a nice assortment of sweet treats.

a classmate and I prepared crêpe soufflées - crêpes filled with fresh fruits and a lime soufflé mixture... pop them in the oven for a few minutes and serve them tout de suite (immediately) before the crêpes deflate!

we had a table of 25 that we had to serve these to!

Pain perdu (French toast) - served with caramel apples and salted butter caramel ice cream

Pavlova - a meringue shell filled with whipped cream and fresh fruits... perfect summer treat!

Croustillant de crème à l'anis - crème brûlée inside a filo dough purse and sitting on a bed of red berry sauce

That Friday, we had a special class with our art teacher, Pascal Niau. We learned how to make fruits from almond paste and also decorated an entremet with chocolate flowers!

my tray of fruits

my entremet with gold flecks - wish we did more stuff like this in class... usually we just do traditional decorations, if that. I just want to be a little more creative or modern!

This past week we had a practice exam, but more on that in another post... time for bed.

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