Monday, June 7, 2010

I love food fairs.

Le Salon-Saveurs des Plaisirs Gourmands. Even if you don't know French, I'm sure you can just guess that this was amazing... the words "Saveurs," "Plaisirs," and "Gourmands" are in the title. What else could you ask for??

I definitely filled up on countless samples of jambon de Parme, olive oil, foie gras, cheese, and various spreads...

regional olive oils

balsamic vinegar - varying ages

delicious smelling tea!

honey from assorted trees

one of the new fads this year - flavored oils to enhance your dish

jams and jellies for tasting

cheese, anyone?

she sure wants some...

reminds me of the pepper tree at home!

love all the colors

this was interesting... a blueberry flavored garlic mousse spread... not as bad as I would've thought. They also had fig/brown sugar, rose, and ginger.

more olive oils... from Greece, this time

the biggest Mortadelle I've ever seen!


centerpiece for the table? it's only 8!

where I got my delicious jambon de Parme

I love these food fairs. Did I mention I thrive on samples? It was like Europain but with salty food as well!

the goodies I had collected by the end of the day: vanilla vinegar, fleur de sel and potatoes from Noirmoutier,

Bärlauch spread (made from ail des ours -- basically salad greens that taste like garlic), truffle spread and 3 editions of "Saveurs" magazine from 2009!

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  1. I am so glad you are experiencing so much of what I also enjoy. wish I could have gone to that food fair with you. What wonderful memories!
    guess you better walk as much as you can vs metro...